Charlie X
Big Fly
Sunday Once Again
Seven Planet Sun
Seven Planet Sun
Wide Awake (EP)
Madras b>
Dimestore Raves
Up from the Ground



“..highly skilled, crafting quirky, jazz fueled rock as well as supple highly melodic dream pop. The interplay between the guitar bass and drums begs the question..
Is this what a post-Nirvana Police might have sounded like?”

“..hard rock tamed by beautiful melodies and poetic lyrics. Dramatic Vivid Power Pop. Through it all, Luperini’s strong vocals paint the images. This is impressive. I’m looking forward to hearing more. ”

“This baby rocks in hook filled solidity, where layered guitar and intense drum beats meet a beautiful round of male vocals. The contrast between the calm and toying verses and awesome chorus of ‘Slow The Tide’ is GRAND. I can only hope this band finds a home with a major label as they expand into fame.”
GetFancy Magazine

“Truly excellent, emotional but funky, poppy and fun. This band covers a lot of territory with each song, injecting upbeat, riff happy interludes into pop ballads, and even a hint of Chilipeppers inspiredfunk. The lead singer’s earnest delivery sells it beautifully. These guys definitely deserve a label.”

“..a fresh new sound. . a band that can do it all. From the soaring lyrics and guitars on ”Go On”, with pumping ryhthms to delicate, subtle arrangements found on songs like “Sulfur Mines”, this is truly a sonically dynamic album that deserves attention. There is most definitely a Brit-pop/rock flavor, which sits quite nicely when mixed with the calmer moments found in “Hero Style” and “Hollows”. Efforts really shine on “Bitter Pill”, with the spacious, dreamy sound of the Rhodes that draws you in as the music continues to build into a culmination of distorted, ethereal rock. It truly was a pleasure listening.“
Buzzlighter/Shuteye Records

“Something unique. Eclecticism with sensationally soaring vocals. fleshed out with character-filled back up. An exciting fresh modern rock hybrid. Reserve room on the ‘soon to be’ Indie Pop Darling Map for Madras.”
Spunout Central

“.. an eclectic listen. intense, jazz-fueled pop rock. The vocals are natural and fluid, while the rhythm section is loud- gritty. .. precise drums, playful bass parts, and emotional vocals – it’s clear they have the Police and other British bands as an influence. If these guys haven’t inked a record deal yet, it’s bound to happen soon. ”

“..chiming, earnest rock…
..dressed up in bright tones and dreamy hues, Dimestore Raves is often pretty and occasionally gorgeous–as on the sparkling anthem “Go->On.”
Las Vegas Mercury

“Dimestore Raves is a maddeningly brilliant messy masterpiece. Dan Luperini has come out of left field to deliver perhaps the finest vocals and production this reviewer has ever heard. If Radiohead, the Offspring, My Vitriol, and the surviving members of the Beatles all got together and had sex, nine months later you would have Madras. Luperini’s voice is so good it’s stupid, and to me, the band does bring to mind the above artists. I realize I’m just one crazy fool. Who knows if you’ll hear these things in Madras? That wasn’t rhetorical. The answer is ìyou do.”



Madras’ music featured in film and television in the United States and around the world, including :



Past and Present

Dan Luperini
Songwriting, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Engineering, Mixing
Marc Thomas
Guitar, Background Vocals
Mark Tuminello
Bass guitar, Background Vocals
Ryan Brown
Drums, Background Vocals
Matt Bowers
Lilah Evans
Guitar, Background Vocals
Ed David
Steve “Boz” Manuel
Bass guitar
Marc Luperini
Mario Santillan
Chinmoy Panigrahy
Bass guitar
Steve Giles
Bass guitar, Background vocals
Derek Syverud
Drums, Background vocals
Marcos Alves
Guitar, Background Vocals

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